Sr. Lúcia and the Seventh Apparition

Kevin J. Symonds

A relatively little-known aspect of the history of Our Lady’s apparitions in Fátima, Portugal concerns a comment made to Sr. Lúcia about a “seventh” apparition. On May 13, 1917, in her first apparition to the three shepherd children, Our Lady stated, “I have come to ask you to come here for six months in succession, on the 13th day, at this same hour. Later on, I will tell you who I am and what I want. Afterwards, I will return here yet a seventh time.”[i] Has this seventh apparition already occurred? We shall look at this matter presently.

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The Final Battle is upon us and the pace has quickened.

After taking a break from this blog, I have returned as the prophetic plus has indeed quickened. I will continue to post news articles that show Gods direct involvement in the events of this world as he continues to warn of the coming chastisement.  It is very possible that we may be living through the final chapters of the Book of Revelation.  What is now certain is that Pope Francis is not the Pope and that he is espousing a false church.  This false church is existing alongside the true Chruch of Christ.  For the average person, the false church is not recognizable.  However, for those who can discern that something is very wrong, the false church is very obvious.  The third secret of Fatima was a warning about the destruction of the Chruch and the rise of a false church.  We are living in that time.

Chief Exorcist Father Amorth: Padre Pio Knew The Third Secret – OnePeterFive

In a recent article on the Secret of Fatima, Steve Skojec, the founder and editor of OnePeterFive, published, to my knowledge, for the first time in the English language words from Rome’s chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth (d. 2016), about Padre Pio and his knowledge of the Third Secret of Fatim

Source: Chief Exorcist Father Amorth: Padre Pio Knew The Third Secret – OnePeterFive