Milites Christi Command

Suggested Milites Christi Command structure for local chapters:


General- Leader of Local Milites Christi Chapter
Sargent at arms -Coordinator of Prayer,  Responsible for physical and spiritual fitness
Secretary- Keeps track of all records
Inquisitor General – Responsible for ensuring local chapter adheres to Orthodox tradition and teachings.  Supervises postulantes and novices.

For regular members :

All members must pass a Nation wide background check. Homosexuals, and violent criminals will not be given consideration.

level one (postulante)  – non Catholics or lapsed Catholics – are invited to apologetics training but can not attend regular meetings. Must be sponsored by a fully vested knight.

Level two (Novice) – Newly catechized or baptized member  must be observed for one year and attend regular apologetics training can attend meetings and listen only.

Level Three (Squire) – Has been a novice for one year and has completely accepted orthodox Catholic teaching and tradition.  Runs errands for the order and shows his loyalty for the cause.  May comment at meetings if his sponsor gives him permission.

Level Four (knight) – Has successfully demonstrated his commitment to promoting the Catholic faith in all areas in his life.  Will live in accordance with the moral teaching of the 10 commandments.  Will not compromise his moral beliefs in public or private. Can fully participate in meetings and may sponsor new members.

Meeting format:

For all meetings Robert’s Rules of Order are followed

  1. Meetings begin with prayer
    1. Prayer to St. Michael and St. Patrick’s Breast Plate
  2. Old business
  3. New Business
  4. collection of donations
  5. Discussion of Orthodox Catholic teachings.
  6. Close with prayer
    1. Memorare and Litany of the Saints

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