How evil entered [adapted from Tower of Light]

How did we get to the place where we are now? How did evil enter the modern period? Look back to how the “rationalism” during the Godless French Revolution turned into a run of inventions during the 18th century and then the eruption of the Roaring Twenties when mankind set upon a path of entertainment — and lasciviousness — that included radio, cinema, vaudeville, and soon television. There was the phonograph and the onset of “blues” that would evolve among other genres into rock-and-roll, which in many ways served as a metaphor for the time and a doorway through which spiritual forces entered. I remember a priest telling me about a missionary who went into the bush country of Africa with his family and upset the natives when a daughter began to play rock songs on a cassette player. The natives raced over saying that the beat was meant to conjure spirits. There was Elvis. There were the Beatles. There were the Rolling Stones. Were they evil? Like most, they were a mix. Like us all, they were influenced by both sides. There were classics like Yesterday and Let It Be at the same time as songs like Helter Skelter and in the case of the Stones an album called Their Satanic Majesties Request. Musicians often exhibited the extremes of the times and in addition to the drugs, in addition to the rebellion, there was occultism. The girlfriend of one famous guitarist  had pieces of human bones in a witchcraft kit and spent time with him in a notorious cottage at Loch Ness that had been owned by Aleister Crowley. One song connected with this musician was Stairway to Heaven. Many musicians who exploded onto the scene during the Sixties claimed to have been inspired by a Thirties bluesman named Robert Johnson who, legend had it, once walked to the intersection of two highways in Mississippi as part of a ritual and sold his soul in return for musical genius, henceforth a tremendous guitarist who wrote songs such as Hell Hound On My Trail.



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