Auschwitz ‘Bookkeeper’ Gets Jewish Justice New Video: Auschwitz ‘Bookkeeper’ Gets Jewish Justice

12 thoughts on “Auschwitz ‘Bookkeeper’ Gets Jewish Justice New Video: Auschwitz ‘Bookkeeper’ Gets Jewish Justice

  1. I’m sick of Holocaust deniers. This is the very reason that General Eisenhower said:
    “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”
    ― Dwight D. Eisenhower
    You ought to quit promoting this anti semetic site!

    • Brother Nathaniel is a converted Jew. Why is it antisemitic to disagree with your historical interpretation? I dont dislike jews or wish them any ill will. They all need conversion to Christ. Were jews persecuted yes under the nazis, yes but there is no evidence of gas chambers. Do the research. Godbless, cptnemo

      • Dear Capt Nemo – I lost about half of my family for that very reason. It’s one thing to miss a departed loved one temporarily because we have Christ; it’s another thing when you’ve lost them to eternity. Remember, there are some who have accepted Him, though we’re in the minority. (Now you know that I’m a Messianic Jew.)
        Romans was written by Paul. If you know how he came to the knowledge, (read in Acts Ch 9) you recall that he was Saul, persecuting Christians till he was blinded on the road to Damascus, and became Paul. But please read Romans Eleven. X

      • I think we are both on the same team. I am very glad that you have come to Christ. I will pray for your families conversion. Regarding the holocaust the Jews were treated horribly by the Nazis, I have just not seen enough credible evidence to believe that 6 million were gassed. Yes 10s of thousands were killed and used as slave labor. This is wrong and should not be condoned. And yes thousands died from disease and malnutrition. This is horrible and sinful. It is even more sad that many of them passed without Christian baptism. Again we are on the same team and have the same goal however we have a disagreement over the veracity of a recent historical event. This does not make us enemies.

      • Hello; I ought to have gotten back to you sooner. One correction – I was wrong about the author of Acts – It was Luke. As to the gas chambers etc., Courtesy of Wikipedia (excerpt) German efforts

        While the Second World War was still underway, the Nazis had already formed a contingency plan that in case of defeat they would carry out the total destruction of German records.[16]

        Historians have documented evidence that as Germany’s defeat became imminent and the Nazi leaders realized they would most likely be captured and brought to trial, great effort was made to destroy all evidence of mass extermination. Heinrich Himmler instructed his camp commandants to destroy records, crematoria, and other signs of mass extermination.[17] As one of many examples, the bodies of the 25,000 mostly Latvian Jews whom Friedrich Jeckeln and the soldiers under his command had shot at Rumbula (near Riga) in late 1941 were dug up and burned in 1943.
        Note – I wanted to give you this info; there are sources I didn’t keep, and need to find that reflect their nefarious efforts to avoid any reference to the gas chambers. Even their blueprints didn’t identify them as such. But these were found and are on record.

      • Just located this additional info:
        Pure extermination camps
        Whereas the Auschwitz II (Auschwitz–Birkenau) and Majdanek camps were parts of a labor camp complex, the Operation Reinhard camps and the Chełmno camp were exclusively for the quick extermination of many people (primarily Jews) within hours of their arrival.[13] Some able-bodied prisoners delivered to the death camp were not immediately killed, but were forced into labor units (Sonderkommando) to work at the extermination process, removing corpses from the gas chambers and burning them. Because the extermination camps were physically small (only several hundred metres long and wide) and equipped with minimal housing and support installations, the Nazis deceived the prisoners upon their arrival, telling them that they were at a temporary transit stop, and soon would continue to an Arbeitslager (work camp) farther east.

        Concentration and extermination camps
        March to the gas chambers, one of Sonderkommando photographs taken secretly at Auschwitz II in August 1944
        At the camps of Operation Reinhard including Bełżec, Sobibór, and Treblinka trainloads of prisoners were destined for immediate death in gas chambers built for that purpose.[14] The mass killing facilities were developed at the Majdanek concentration camp,[14] and at Auschwitz II-Birkenau at about the same time.[15] In most other camps prisoners were selected for slave labor first; they were kept alive on starvation rations and made available to work wherever the rulers required. Auschwitz, Majdanek, and Jasenovac were retrofitted with Zyklon-B gas chambers and crematoria as the time went on, remaining operational until war’s end in 1945.[12] The Maly Trostenets extermination camp in the USSR initially operated as a prison camp. It became an extermination camp later in the war with victims undergoing mass shootings. This was supplemented with exhaust fume gassing in a van from October 1943.

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