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by Michael Voris  •   June 1, 2015  The Vortex



The Church is riddled with heretics and schismatics and dissidents, and it’s time to bring out the blowtorch.

These individuals have nearly destroyed the Church; they are responsible for the loss of hundreds of millions of souls. Many of them are clergy, and an alarming number of them are bishops — men who are cowards, who, by the way, the Holy Spirit says will be the type of person that will the first to descend into Hell — cowards. Others are traitors — men who have no supernatural faith and work to overturn the truth of divine revelation.

It’s like the Garden of Gethsemane all over again — cowardly bishops deserting or wicked bishops betraying Our Lord for personal profit. We see their handiwork at last year’s synod in Rome and their conniving and scheming behind the scenes in preparation for the upcoming synod in October.

But this combination of cowards and traitors doesn’t do its work only in the Church — although that is, of course, where the effect of their evil handiwork is most largely felt. The effect is also felt in society, in the culture at large as evidenced in the referendum results from Ireland, where sodomite marriage was embraced by an appalling number of Catholics and a majority of the population in general. Eighty-five percent of Irish citizens are baptized Catholics. Sixty-two percent of Irish citizens voted against the Faith and in favor of sodomy as marriage.

How did this happen? In short, because of traitorous and cowardly bishops and the priests they ordained and put in parishes and schools. These bishops shied away from the hard confrontations that they should have engaged in out of love for the Truth, out of love for the Faith. But they were too busy fomenting rebellion, or looking the other way as those under them fomented it.

How much longer will the Church have to endure these homosexual bishops and cardinals who promote and advance homosexual priests, or those sympathetic to the militant homosexual agenda, all in the name of “mercy”? These homosexualists corrupt the Faith. They destroy and pervert and poison the Church.

And here is the answer to why there is so much evil in the world: because of these rotten evil Churchmen. We pray, we hope they repent and return to the Faith, but in the meantime they need to be exposed for the evil they spread.

However, we must always consider that the Church is the soul of humanity, the life force of the world exactly because She was commissioned to be so by the Son of God. Her duty is to fight evil, advance the Truth — not to compromise with it, and certainly not to pave the way for its conquest of men’s hearts.

But that’s what these men have done. From the hierarchy of Ireland over the past 50 years right up to priests in the aftermath of the vote declaring that Catholics who opposed same-sex marriage need to go to confession, all this has happened because of unfaithful clergy. These men belong to Satan for the exact same reason that Our Blessed Lord said the Pharisees had Satan as their father — because they do his will.

Satan’s primary activity is the destruction of the Catholic Church, the elimination of Catholics from the face of the earth. Less than 30 percent of Catholics in the land of St. Patrick now attend weekly Mass, and most of them are old. The hatred for the Faith among the young of Ireland is palpable — a deep-seated animosity. Although most of them are baptized, they have no knowledge or regard for the Church’s beauty. This is directly attributable to the majority of bishops and their effeminate clergy who in many ways hate the Faith even more than many of the young.

And let’s be very clear here: The young hate what they believe the Church to be. That doesn’t let them off the hook, but they do labor under some degree of ignorance, however willful that ignorance might be. But the clergy, most especially the majority of bishops, know the Truth — and simply reject it.

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