The third secret of Fatima

Third Secret of Fatima

One of our readers from Portugal sent us the facsimile of a handwritten text that could be the text of the Third Secret of Fatima.

This unsigned text supposedly was written by Sister Lucy in her Convent of Tuy on September 1, 1944 or April 1, 1944 – it is not clear whether the number indicating the month is 9 or 4. A fingerprint of Sister Lucy was placed on the bottom of the page as a guarantee of its authenticity. Some unidentified person who had access to this document released a photo of it very recently.

We are posting this facsimile below for the perusal of TIA readers. It is followed by a typed text in Portuguese and our English translation of it.

We do not assert that this is undoubtedly the true Third Secret. We post it as an invitation for our readers to discuss it and seek the opinion of experts in order to find whether this document is authentic or not.

Sadly, there is a hypothesis that should not be excluded: If the date is April 1, then some priest or even bishop might be playing an April Fools’ joke, spreading an adulterated text to amuse himself. This would be a sin against the Second Commandement, we believe, since it would be taking the name of God’s Blessed Mother in vain. But, in these times of post-conciliar lack of seriousness, TIA has already experienced something of this kind (click here).

Even though, on the one hand, we make these reservations as a measure of prudence, on the other hand, we believe that this text has in its favor the appearance of truth. That is to say:

Regarding its content, it is a description that certainly matches the reality we are witnessing today: the radical changes that were installed in the Church by Vatican Council II and were universally spread in the last 45 years;

If it would have been revealed before 1960 by John XXIII, it could have prevented an enormous part of this crisis;

Regarding its form, it corresponds to the other two previously revealed parts of the Fatima Message and brings them to a coherent close;

It is a complete text in itself, with an introduction, principal explanation and conclusion;

It is clear and ascessible either to the children who received it or to any adult – ignorant or learned – as a message of the Mother of God normally would be.

These are, in our opinion, sufficient reasons to make this message accessible to the public.

Before presenting the document, let us establish a presupposition for the discussion. As it was well demonstrated by Dr. Marian Horvat, we believe that there are two Sisters Lucy: One, the serious and reserved nun who received the messages, and another, the superficial and extroverted nun who posed with conciliar Popes during their visits to Fatima.

We think that the handwriting of the last Sister Lucy will probably not match the one in the letter below. Any comparison of texts should be made with those of the Sister Lucy at the time she was at Tuy.

A.S. Guimarães, editor

The third secret of Fatima

via The third secret of Fatima.

English Translation

Tuy September 1, 1944 or April 1, 1944


Now I am going to reveal the third fragment of the secret: This part is the apostasy in the Church!

Our Lady showed us the individual who I describe as the ‘holy Father’ in front of a multitude that was cheering him.

But there was a difference from a true holy Father, his devilish gaze, this one had the gaze of evil.

Then, after some moments we saw the same Pope entering a Church, but this Church was the Church of hell; there is no way to describe the ugliness of that place. It looked like a gray cement fortress with broken angles and windows similar to eyes; it had a beak in the roof of the building.

Next, we raised our eyes to Our Lady who said to us: You saw the apostasy in the Church; this letter can be opened by the holy Father, but it must be announced after Pius XII and before 1960.

In the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone of Peter’s grave must be removed and transferred to Fatima.

Because the dogma of the faith is not conserved in Rome, its authority will be removed and delivered to Fatima.

The cathedral of Rome must be destroyed and a new one built in Fatima.

If 69 weeks after this order is announced, Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed.

Our Lady told us that this is written,[in] Daniel 9:24-25 and Matthew 21:42-44

Posted April 27, 2010

The opinions expressed in this section – What People Are Commenting –

do not necessarily express those of TIA

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