This Is Coming to America…Unless We Defend Freedom of Speech!

Jew Occupation of Germany Sends Sylvia Stolz Back to Prison for Denying Their Stupid Gas Chamber Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2015

Stolz at her illegal speech

German lawyer Sylvia Stolz is going back to prison for denying the stupid gas chamber hoax of the Jews. She was sentenced to 20 months.


Munich state court spokeswoman Andrea Titz said 51-year-old Sylvia Stolz was convicted of inciting racial hatred for denying the Holocaust in a 2012 speech. She argued during her trial that she was exercising her right to free speech.

Stolz already served time for Holocaust denial after a 2008 conviction related to her defense of notorious Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was convicted himself of the crime in Mannheim in 2007.

Zundel’s initial Mannheim trial collapsed after Stolz was banned from the proceedings on grounds she was trying to sabotage them. During the trial, she repeatedly denied the Holocaust and ended a legal document with “Heil Hitler.”

During the Zundel trial, all evidence that the stupid gas chamber gibberish was invented as wartime propaganda was barred from being entered in court, and Stolz, for simply trying to enter it, was charged with denial for presenting facts.

Sending her back to prison is completely nuts. It is in fact completely nuts to send anyone to prison for their views on historical events. Obviously. Under any circumstances.

Look. Say your brother was murdered. Then some guy comes along and makes a documentary film and posts it on YouTube about how he thinks your brother wasn’t actually murdered, and is in fact still alive. But you know he was murdered, you saw his body. Would you be angry someone was claiming he was still alive? Maybe. You would at least be upset someone was dragging up old emotional wounds. But wouldn’t you simply dismiss the person as insane? Would you demand they be locked in prison? I do not believe that any normal person would demand that.

Clearly, the Jews banning denial of the Holocaust is an attempt to shut down any discussion of it. Because with the internet, the information is now widely available that it didn’t happen. The fact that they are putting people in prison for their views on it is the closest thing to an admission that it’s a hoax that they could possibly make.

To make things even stupider – and the above quoted Associated Press article doesn’t mention this – the speech was delivered in Switzerland, where they don’t expressly outlaw hoax denial.  And anyway even if the speech would have been illegal in Switzerland (probably wouldn’t have been), how are they able to prosecute her in a German court for a crime she committed in another country, which the other country’s authorities have not charged her with?  Switzerland is not even a part of the EU.

Here it is, with English subtitles.

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