By His wounds we are healed. By our own wounds we are purified. Suffering, in the right way, causes cleansing.

Few are those who look for it — pain. Yet, when done of free will (turning it over to His Will), it is redemptive.

The Blood of Jesus cleanses our own. Through prayer, through attitude, through Christ, we can cause changes in what flows through our vessels and our very physiology (as well as our souls). For the soul, the spirit — the eternal being who is the “real you” — controls what is physical, in accordance with the Will of the Father.

Divine Will yields Divine Mercy.

Can a right attitude really have physical effects?

There was a scientist from Japan, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who asserted that humans can affect the crystal patterns of ice at the very moment when it starts to melt — that crystallized structures differ according to the mood, intentions, and spirituality of a person near that water.

It sounds incredible, and who knows, maybe it is too much so — but he certainly had amazing microphotographs. (We’ve had articles on it.) For example:

Dr. Emoto claimed to have seen astounding results with water crystals that were beautifully formed when they have been in the presence of classical music or people who were praying and malformed (or unformed) structures when tension was expressed in the room at the moment of crystallization or there was heavy-metal music. The researcher further alleged that hundreds have replicated his experiments and that the spirit behind positive words — especially gratitude — evoked the most beautiful crystals. A crystal from water taken at Lourdes was gorgeous [see below]. So was one that formed as Gospel music was played. “Learning about water is like an exploration to discover how the cosmos works, and the crystals revealed through water are like the portal of another dimension,” he wrote. “And the more you understand water, the more difficult you will find it to deny the existence of a God.”

Most powerful: crystals that form when someone is saying the word “thank you.”

Seems — in his own words — “off the wall.” New Age? Take it to prayer. Let’s assume it’s true and good: if we can effect the formation of exterior water crystals by the words we utter and the mood we evoke, what effect might these same things have on the water and blood in our in our own bodies? Why wouldn’t good thoughts bless what flows through our own bodies?

It’s not just about positive thinking.

It’s about Jesus.

In Dr. Emoto’s own words, it’s about God.

In our own take: It’s about His Blood — and pleading it; preparing for Lent; bringing health through holiness, through joy. Asking Him to bless our blood with His own.

Praise the Lord. Thank Him. Live life looking up. Forget nostalgia. Forget the morbid. Never become obsessed with sadness. Create the right ambience. Speak health into yourself.

You live forever.

What could “crystallize” as more positive than that?

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