Till one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit out of everybody.

Published on Jul 24, 2014

UPDATE: With the amount of viewership this video has received (far exceeding what I ever expected it would within the amount of time it has been up), it must be stated that this is not a video which in any way advocates violence, and do not take it as such. Rather, this video is an attempt to convey a message of what is inevitable. “Multiculturalism” is the most despicable lie in the history of mankind. It is an infectious disease, a doomed fantasy which has destroyed civilization after civilization (Specifically White European civilizations) throughout the course of human history. It is a construct which mocks the very laws of nature, laws which cannot be broken. There is no such thing as “equality” within the universe, there is only energy. By no means does there exist equality within nature, there exists only the strong and the less strong. Organisms compete for progeny and survival, and only amongst the philosophies of the “highest organisms” does there exist this altruistic fantasy that nature is anything but a struggle between groups bound together by their own chemistry, their own genetic similarity.

The outcome of the mixing of these groups is always conflict. It is our duty to do what is necessary to avoid the inevitable violent struggle which stares in the face of the Western world today. The outcome of multiculturalism in White nations will only be conflict. We must put an end to this apocalyptic fallacy, we must preserve our homelands. We must not be afraid to say what must be said, and we must not be afraid to protest. Make no mistake, should the course hold true as it does now, the native European will be extinct within the next few centuries, if not sooner. Whether by the subjugation of the hordes which are simply being allowed to conquer our lands, or by the ruinous process of miscegenation.

Stand together, with your own kin. Never look upon the face of a fellow European, and be ashamed of yourself for the connection which you instinctually feel. We are bound by blood, and by the struggles of millions of our ancestors whom fought and died for our existence.

We will persevere, and we will live on.

Be proud, European, for you are the master of the Earth, and you kneel to no other.


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