Mark Mallett – Antichrist in Our Times

The Next Right Step

I strongly urge you to read Mark Mallett’s latest piece. It kicks off what I know will be an intense series of writings on subjects vital for these times. I think this so important, I reproduce the column in its entirety below. We have entered into very treacherous waters, indeed.

Antichrist in Our Times

THE Black Ship is sailing…

Those are the words I heard rising in my heart before this past Advent began. I sensed the Lord urging me to write about this—about Revelation 13—and have been further encouraged by my spiritual director in this regard. And why not, for the text itself says:

Whoever has ears ought to hear these words. (Rev 13:9)

But here is the question to you and I: do we have ears to hear these words? Are we able to enter into a discussion of the Antichrist and the signs of…

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