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Wait for the higher anointing. Then, go for it. When God suddenly arrives, and paves a path for you, make sure you aren’t locked in a cage.

A “higher anointing” is when the Lord decides it’s time for you to change, to move, to operate in a higher place, at a higher level, in a more potent role, with more opportunities (to progress, to do good), and with a bit more ease (even a lot more ease). It means you are in His power, His favor (instead of those of the world). Things start falling into place. Suddenly, there are favorable conditions.

You’re not in His favor when you design your own path and especially when He has no role in your life, when the course of your existence has been dictated by the search for wealth, power, control, or fame, or when you are simply afraid to go to a better place.

Think back to times in your life when God has suddenly elevated you. It could have been at work; at school; it is often when looking for a job. Frequently, it’s in your personal life. You were operating at a higher level when after years of frustration you met the right spouse.

If you look at Scripture, you’ll find countless examples of God bequeathing special Grace — from King David and his elevation to victory over the enemies of Israel to the Apostles and their fantastic ability to evangelize the Word. Doors open when we are in His favor while obstacles (ones that long held you back) disappear, overnight.

It happens to us all.

You miss such opportunities, however, when you have fear, when you won’t allow God to change you, when you won’t step out of your box, when you have created a cage around your life (or allowed others to). We build that cage by “clinging,” which goes back to fear: many are those who won’t venture out because they are afraid of leaving their extended families, of moving, of being away, even on a temporary basis. As a result, they are dissatisfied with where they live, but do nothing about it. There are those who cling to their jobs, or their parents, or siblings, to friends. This is where we pray to the Holy Spirit for balance and perspective and strength!

We’re not talking about your “comfort zone.” That’s a bad phrase. You shouldn’tleave a place of comfort. One searches for His place of blessing or comfort and discerns by that. Comfort is a good sign. A better way of thinking of it is a cage: When we’re behind bars, when you’re confined in a small space, you can’t fly; you can’t even stretch out both wings; you have no full idea of who were are; you can’t see all of your plumage.

Satisfaction — fulfillment — is a marker of your mission. Look at David — suddenly able to dominate the enemies of Israel. Look at Moses: when he obeyed, when he shook off fear, when he broke free, God gave him the power to part a sea (as he headed for the place God has set for him).

There is contentment (a feeling of well-being) when we arrive in whatever place and at the pace that He has designed for us. Milk and honey!

Perhaps it was an opportunity to move. Perhaps an opportunity to try a whole new line of work — one that would have been more rewarding. Perhaps it is a relationship.

If you’re in a cage, if you feel closed in, if life is not rewarding, if you are constantly frustrated, if you can’t see the beauty of life (yes, even its challenges), open the door of the cage. Bust them open. Stretch your wings. Take flight. Don’t let people “pigeon-hole” you — place you in a category that they define, cutting off vistas, dashing your dreams. Pigeons spend most of their time on the ground. Certainly, don’t pigeon-hole yourself! Have the passion to overcome the pain or fear that may come with initial “failures” as you set out for a climb that can be arduous. Failures fade when we see them as experiences of growth.

Go to the higher anointing — when He sends it. Wait until He does. Then, go for it. The Bible is your guide.

Get there on the wings of the Dove.

from: Spirit Daily, Michael Brown



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