Permission is for Pussies

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Permission is for pussiesA few weeks ago I packed up my things and flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand with a one way ticket and a 6 month tourist Visa.

This was the first time I have ever left Australia, I went alone with nothing but a backpack and a duffel bag with a small selection of clothes and basic items.

I have been living in Chiang Mai for the past few weeks and I have so far been successful in achieving what I had set out to do, which is to meet successful digital nomads/online entrepreneurs, network with them and gain insight into the lifestyle they live and how they actually make money from their laptop while they travel around the world.

Why did I do this?

Simple really, I have decided that working for the boss-man far into the foreseeable future just isn’t good enough for me. So I am doing what it takes to become a person who knows how to completely sustain himself financially without relying on an hourly rate and orders to follow.

In other words, Freedom is a value which is given utmost priority in my life.


Now most people would have consulted their friends and family and made sure they were met with approval before fucking off to another country to live indefinitely like I did.

Which brings me to the point of this post; seeking permission is for pussies.

Do you think I looked to others for their opinion on whether I should fuck off to live in SE Asia to meet digital nomads?

Nope, because if I had asked for permission, I wouldn’t have gotten it.


Almost everyone would have told me I’m crazy, or I’m an idiot, or I should get my head out of my ass and “get real”.

When I told people I was going (without giving much reason besides “adventure”), I was met with a variety of responses, and acceptance was hardly one of them.


I didn’t care.

I didn’t expect acceptance, nor did I want it.

It was like “Yeah, I’m doing this”, rather than “What do you think of me doing this?” like most others would have done.


I come from a regional town in Australia, and in that town, 21 year old dudes don’t just pack up and fuck off to Thailand indefinitely to meet successful entrepreneurs and learn their ways so they don’t have to work a 9-5 for the rest of their life.

No fucking way.

Most guys my age seek permission from everyone around them when it comes to making any serious life choices, and unless it coincides with the pre-determined life plan laid out by society, they get instantly shut down and tuck their tail between their legs and just do what they’re told, which is typically something along the lines of:

  • Settle for a reliable full time job, no matter how sucky. You’re too young to think for yourself and older people know better than you (even though most who give you advice are fat, depressed and have shit lives they bitch about to anyone who will listen).
  • Buy expensive shit on credit, a siK car means you’re cool.
  • Keep your fucking head down, and don’t break the norm. Even small changes are going to be made into a big deal, such as changing your haircut or deciding to live with discipline and get in decent shape.
  • Get drunk every weekend, your ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol directly correlates with how much of a man you are.
  • Find a girl who is both decent looking and willing to touch your dick, when this happens quickly commit to an exclusive relationship with her because life is like all those movies you’ve been brainwashed by and happiness is found when you’re “in love”.
  • Even though your new bitch whines all the time and tells you what to do, you endure it all and just accept that what “the missus” wants, “the missus” gets. All the boys complain about their girlfriends anyway, so it’s normal.
  • Continue getting drunk every weekend. Remember, this is the highlight of your week and the best times of your life occur when you’re wasted.
  • Get fat and unhealthy.
  • Continue buying shit you don’t need on credit indefinitely to ensure the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck ensues.



Yeah, fuck that.


Now, my lifestyle compared to those around me, is very different:

  • I eat high-fat foods and restrict carbohydrates in my diet, my entire week is laid out with a structured eating plan.
  • I meditate daily.
  • I read daily.
  • I don’t watch TV.
  • I lift heavy weights 5-6 days of the week.
  • I drink alcohol very sparingly, and I do not us it as a means to escape my life, nor to make it enjoyable.
  • I have women in my life, but I do not take orders/shit from any of them. The moment they start acting like a brat I turn around and get on with hustling.
  • I actually like my life.


To most who are entrenched in mainstream dogma and beliefs, they think I’m fucking ridiculous.

I don’t care, winning is better than fitting in.


The reason I tend to do most things differently than the losers is because I choose to see the world with my own eyes, and act based on what will benefit me the most, not what will help me fit in with crowd.

I rely first and foremost on my own rational judgement, and I don’t seek permission to do things that I want to do.

I don’t rely on the news.

Nor my parents, friends or family.


Sure, I consider other points of view, but in the end, nobody makes my decisions but me.

I know that being the person I want to be is infinitely more rewarding than receiving validation from losers and/or avoiding criticism from them.


Permission seekers just suck in general:

Seeking permission from others is a very common way shitty people remain shitty. Because they are so worried about not fitting in/being ridiculed by their peers, they hardly do what is right according to their own judgement. And instead look to others for what they should do.


The thing is, the people who’s advice they take/ridicule they submit to, are generally not in any position to be giving advice or ridicule, and mockery on their part is simply a result of them not wanting others to succeed because if that were to occur, they would be reminded how much they suck.


The point:

If there is something you’ve decided you want to do, just go and fucking do it and don’t ask for permission.


If you’re overweight, don’t ask people if they think you should start a diet, just do your fucking research, get a plan and execute it. Outside of the law, a man has no reason to ask for permission, if he wants something he goes out and gets it.

The trouble is, most people get themselves all worked up when people mock them for changing, they just give up. This is called Resistance folks, and overcoming it is what makes evolving so rewarding.


To finish, I’ll leave you with some lyrics from a band called Ocean Grove, that fits this subject nicely:


“Pushed around by paper tigers, their voices louder than their convictions.

All those harsh words, are falling on deaf ears now.”

Ocean Grove, Presence of Mind.


Acceptance from losers doesn’t mean shit, they’ll put 100 times more effort into hating on you than they put into improving themselves in any way.

They can’t do any real harm beyond their words, and once you’re accustomed to ridicule from losers, you end up expecting it, and just take it like:


Remember, losers are at the bottom for a reason, the minute you take them seriously, you’re on your way down too mate.

If there is something you want/need to do, don’t ask for permission, just go and fucking do it. Permission is for pussies.




Ryan Kuchel

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