Every Guy Needs To Listen to This! Hot or Not?

By: Sandman

About a week ago I was talking about a date I went on with a woman I met on Tinder. After I shared my experiences a few people mentioned that there’s nothing special about Tinder and that it’s kind of like another online chatting service called hot or not. So I decided to compare the two services and see how they stack up against each other. During the process I started chatting with a woman and everything seemed normal and nothing was out of the ordinary. The only thing I noticed is she would take a very long time answering me back. Sometimes it would be a day. Every other interaction seemed to be normal. All I had was her first name and the city she lives in. So I did a search on facebook to see if I
could find her. And not only did I find her but I found her three young children and her husband or lover. She doesn’t know that I know at this point and I feel violated just talking to her. But more importantly I feel bad for her children and the man in her life. She comes across as sexually frustrated and I’m not sure if she’s looking for another man so that she can dump him and swing over to another guy that will make a better provider for her and her three
kids while she continues to collect a cheque from the guy she’s with currently. At this point I’m at a point where I can really fuck up her life. I’m guessing she got onto hot or not because she thought that the power of anonymity would allow her to meet strange men for booty calls and get away with it. I asked her what she does for a living and she said that she works with children with special needs but on her facebook page it says she works at Tim Horton’s which is a coffee shot chain mostly here in Canada with additional locations in the United States. And it pays minimum wage. I’m assuming the kids with special needs she’s referring to are her own children. Of course they are special, they’re her fucking kids. One of them is barely nine months old and she’s thinking about galloping around like some horse in heat looking for strange men to talk to and fuck. And all three kids are under the age of four or five. If a man was doing this society would not tolerate this type of behavior. But society sees this differently because she’s a woman. They might say the husband / father should have been giving her more attention. Maybe he should have worked harder to make
her happy so she wasn’t forced to run into the arms of another man. Women are infallible even if they are young cheating mothers. Her pictures on hot or not show her looking down to earth, wearing little to no makeup. She looks plain and innocent but the reason she can’t dress up and look presentable is because she probably has at least two kids puking all over her during their daily feedings.


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