Medjugorje is the largest confessional in Europe

Cardinal Puljic claims Medjugorje is the largest confessional in Europe

In a pre-Christmas interview with the Anadolija news agency, Cardinal Vinko Puljic has claimed Medjugorje is the largest confessional in Europe and added that this factor is the strongest witness at Medjugorje, and not the apparitions or messages. 

“I see that the faithful are coming to Medjugorje and going to confession, making penance, and returning home changed. This place is the largest confessional in Europe. This is perhaps the strongest sign in Medjugore, not an apapriton, not a message, but the creed professed and restored,” said Cardinal Puljic who served on the Medjugorje Commission which completed its investigation in January 2014.

Although claiming not to prejudge any decision by the Holy Father it appears with his comment that the cardinal is anticipating Medjugorje will be recognised by the Holy See as an “official place of worship” while the question of the apparitions and the messages will be left to another time.

Cardinal Puljic also expressed his surprise that no decision was made this year and hinted that he expected the Holy Father’s announcement in the near future.

Answering questions about a possible visit of Pope Francis to Bosnia Herzegovina in 2015, the head of the B+H Bishops’ Conference said that the arrival of the Pope next year is realistic and achievable but the visit would be dependent on the progress of the Vatican’s ongoing discussions with the government (a reference to the application of the 2006 Basic Agreement, which governs the relationships and collaboration between the Church and State for the common good), and the financial costs and responsibilities associated with such a visit.

The cardinal added, “If the Holy See accept the invitation during this year it will be encouraging, primarily for Catholics, but also for the whole of Bosnia Herzegovina. I will be happy to see that journey realised.”


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