1. Well if he tears the country apart everyone loses their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Then who ever’s got the guns (military) will establish martial law under which all constitutional protections are null and void. I can’t believe this nut case has a following. This race merchant must be raking in the cash.

  2. What is infecting white protestant christian America is infecting us all, even the Indians, and I appreciate that God has allowed me the ability to be a voice in the wilderness warning my kindred of the perils of our time when very few will.

    God is concerned about us all…for sure. I hope that by speaking out to my kindred others will pick up on it and learn. Every faction has their own ethnic voices speaking their own kindred with a variety of messages and most of them do not bode well for mine. This is prophesied, after all. Christ said go to the Jews fist and then to the gentiles, and trade your cloaks for swords.

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