Life Under Hitler, By Someone Who Was There

Hitler was such a nut.  who could have wanted such a society… I mean who would not want all of the drugs, prostitution,  pornography, violence and murder that we have today?  Who can deny that diversity has brought a much needed improvement in our society.



3 thoughts on “Life Under Hitler, By Someone Who Was There

  1. Interesting, since I was born and raised an Irish Brit, I used to vacation and visit Europe at times, with both family and friends. And later I had a most beautiful German girlfriend! And I got to know her father and mother who were in WW II. He was a scientist after the war like my father. And he was captured by the British in North Africa during the war. And they were too German Roman Catholics (as I was born and raised Irish R.C.) But when we began later to talk about the Jews and the Modern Jewish Nation, they surely did become quite negative! And so the friendship quite ended, to say the least, and we all went our separate ways. Of course this was years ago now, since I am 65, and have been married for many years now (to an Irish lass), though I did not get married until I was 38.

    And btw, I would recommend a study of the Confessing Church (Dutch and German), which was actually a Reformed Christian Synod held at the beginning of 1934. And only towards the end of 1933 did isolated opposition to the German Christian distortion of the church begin to give place to organized resistance which was supported by whole congregations, (including Lutherans). Note Martin Niemoller here, as too Karl Barth, and later also people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer. And see here the Barmen Declaration! And we must note here too, Barth’s great “nein” to Natural Theology and Revelation, about the same time!

    Yes, Jesus/Yeshua was a Jew, and was/is the Jewish Messiah! We must never forget that! True Christianity is always Judeo-Christianity! 🙂

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