Police State Run Riot! Email This Story and Help Save These Students! Stop The Police State!

3 Gurnee high schoolers facing charges in cyberbullying, sexting incident

Three freshman boys at a Gurnee high school are charged with felony distribution of child pornography after an investigation into sexting and cyberbullying involving a female classmate.

The boys have been released to the custody of their parents.

Gurnee police got involved October 24 after the girl complained that classmates were making inappropriate contacts through their cell phones.

They say the investigation continues, the three already charged are not the only ones involved, and more charges are likely in the coming days.

The dangers of sexting and bullying have been discussed among administrators, parents and students at Warren High School, where people we spoke to described the boys as good kids who made a foolish mistake.

If convicted, they may have to register as sex offenders.



2 thoughts on “Police State Run Riot! Email This Story and Help Save These Students! Stop The Police State!

  1. Surely if they have done wrong they should be treated accordingly but with an emphasis on rehabilitation/moral and relationship education. It strikes me as political anti-authority reaction to make a quantum leap Police State allegation. Could the fault lie more with the tone/speculation of the reporting media? Or is that me reacting unreasonably?

    • Thanks for commenting….a few thoughts…The police state gets its power through fear and intimidation. These are stupid kids. Ruining their life at 14 is unforgiveable. They did not murder, steel or even have intercourse. Can they even be held accountable given the hyper sexual society these kids have grown up in? We all lose if we let the state control us and our children through fear and heavy handed police action. What happened to land of the free home of the brave?

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