Britain Normalizes Sex for Children - by F. Kaskais

We don’t wish to appear prudish but satanic possession takes the form of sex addiction. This is why sex is promoted relentlessly. In England, an educational consultant has made recommendations that will ensure children become promiscuous. But why are we surprised? Our “leaders” shill for the Illuminati, a pedophile homosexual satanic cult.

by Aspen

The battle over the ‘sexual rights’ of underage persons has begun. Children are being sexualized. In the view of the Illuminati, young people are being ‘set free’.

I wrote the above three years ago on this website. With astonishing rapidity, the Illuminati plan is being realized.

Tuesday the U.K. Daily Mail reported that an educational consultant has recommended that sexual intercourse
between 13-year-olds considered as ‘safe and healthy’ behaviour; and masturbation and ‘consensual kissing’ is OK for 9-year-olds.”

“The recommendations have been endorsed by the Department for Education and a string of ministers including Deputy…

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