‘Gay cake’ legal challenge to begin


An equality watchdog confirms it is beginning legal action against a Christian-run bakery firm over its refusal to bake a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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2 thoughts on “‘Gay cake’ legal challenge to begin

  1. And so the hammer of political correctness starts bludgeoning the freedom of those who have the temerity and principled conviction to stand up in support of Traditional Marriage. Only recently I learnt that the British Red Cross had summarily dismissed a volunteer of 18 loyal years because he in his private capacity had taken part in a protest supporting conventional marriage. Perhaps the baker should have recommended another baker or offered a baking lesson using a Traditional Marriage cake decoration design, and the complainant could then adapt their newly acquired skills to their own design. What is the world coming to? We need to be protected from aggressive and abusive minorities and their misuse of the Law to enforce their will on the innocent

    • People need to wake up to the fact that homosexuals are a Godless pagan cult that will dam our society and everything we hold dear. When will we draw the line and say “we draw the line here and no farther!” God help us all.

      Thanks for the comment, Cpt. Nemo

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