Blessed Paul VI…Sodomite Pope?


This pope had to publicly declare he was NOT  a sodomite.  Click Link here

Pope VI denies he is a sodomite 
Read more here 


2 thoughts on “Blessed Paul VI…Sodomite Pope?

  1. I am not a fan of Pope Paul VI. But I think it is very wrong and grossly scandalous to make the claim this video does without irrefutable evidence. Randy Engel uses all second and third hand information; no solid evidence or fact is presented in her book; it is all hearsay and innuendo; she is a very sloppy reporter on this — very sloppy. … Also, it is good to go back and read what St. Padre Pio said and wrote about Pope Paul VI. Pio is, I dare say, a reliable source. … And don’t forget who wrote and promulgated Humanae Vitae, when all the forces of evil wanted something else.

    • Considering the current crisis in the church, I think it is fair to raise the question. A sitting pope had to publicly refute that he was a sodomite. Something was terribly rotten in Denmark.

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