Will Fukushima Hold?

Winds up to 110 mph to hit Fukushima Daiichi — Nearly all gov’t forecasts show eye of typhoon passing right over plant — Nuclear Expert: Expect radioactive material washing into Pacific Ocean (MAPS)

Japan Meteorological Agency forecast for Typhoon Vongfong, Oct. 12, 2014 at 6:50a UTC:

Forecast tracks show the center of Typhoon Vongfong over Fukushima Daiichi on Tuesday morning Oct. 14 (Japan, U.S., Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and ensemble), Oct. 12, 2014:

DW, Oct. 10, 2014: Is Fukushima capable of withstanding a super typhoon?… Vongfong is expected… just days after [Japan] was struck by another typhoon… Alongside strong winds and heavy rain capable of causing landslides and flash floods, such super storms can also trigger an abnormal rise of water called a storm surge… Of particular concern in Japan is the area around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi… is the plant also braced for the impact of a super typhoon?

Michael Maqua, nuclear expert: “Expect radioactive isotopes from contaminated surfaces… transported into the groundwater or the sea… The main risk of the typhoon is the intrusion of rain water into the buildings – mainly [at] reactor 3… rain water will [likely] mix with the contaminated water in the basements of the reactor buildings and thus more radioactivity could be washed to the sea.”


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