Top figure has ‘never seen a blackout like this in his entire life’

Published Tuesday, it already is going through a fifth printing, sits near the top of the Internet sales lists and will debut on the New York Times list next week; but even amid widespread acknowledgement that the nation is unraveling, nobody in establishment media seems interested in talking about a book called “Stop the Coming Civil War”.

Talk-radio host Michael Savage’s new title, as WND reported earlier this week, makes a referenced, chapter-by-chapter case that Obama is deliberately dividing America to transform it into a socialist nation. Pointing to the midterm elections Nov. 4, he warns Americans they have less than a month to save the nation from Obama’s destructive agenda.

stop-coming-civil-warSavage said in an interview with WND Friday morning that “one of the top people in the media” told him he’s “never seen a blackout like this in his entire life.”

“He said they have terrorists on (for interviews), headcutters, pimps, prostitutes, thieves of every kind, the most extreme lowlife, authors of B and C books – they’re clamoring for them, but you are blacked out,” Savage recounted. “He said he’s never seen anything like it. It’s astonishing.”

The book is ranked No. 2 in sales on Barnes & Noble’s website and No. 14 on, where readers must wait three to six weeks to receive their copy.

“Apparently there are people out there who want another message,” Savage said.

The establishment media, on the other hand, he said, “seem afraid of the words ‘stop the coming civil war.’”

“They can’t accept the fact that people are at a breaking point,” said the talk host and author of 29 previous books, including six New York Times bestsellers.

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“I have one simple line that I read on the radio for doubting Thomases,” Savage continued. “‘If you like your Ebola you can keep your Ebola; it’s not part of Obamacare.’”

He said the “blackout” doesn’t make sense.

“Am I that bad a person? Am I more evil than Jesse Jackson, who is trying to capitalize on the Ebola epidemic?” he asked. “Am I worse than Al Sharpton, who has done so many evil things that he was rewarded by being invited to the White House many times?”

Soldiers of the ‘Savage Nation’

In addition, Savage has received reports from listeners who have had difficulty finding the book at their local bookstores, despite his publisher, Center Street Books, paying for upfront display.

“I get people calling saying they are becoming soldiers of the “Savage Nation,” and they’re not going to tolerate seeing it under ‘Jenny has Three Mommies,’” he said.

Savage noted that next week, when the book hits the New York Times bestseller list, it must be displayed at the front of the store in a stack set aside for bestsellers.

“That’s when the army is going to have to go to work,” he said. “If it’s still buried, then [the stores] are going to have hell to pay, because I’m going to have my people do what they need to do. They’re going to go and move the books.”

“They’re going to commit civil disobedience,” Savage said. “They’re not going to see this book repressed and buried by the people with rings on their souls.”

He said his listeners aren’t bullies, like the radical group ACORN, and are asked to be polite to the clerks.

But he said the actions of his “Savage Nation” should send a message to conservatives to “stop being a wimp” and fight back against the left.



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