This week I was honored to be a panelist at the National Security Action Summit II in Washington, D.C. Among the speakers were Dr. Ben Carson, Frank Gaffney, Lt. Col. Allen West, Dinesh D’Souza, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Andrew C. McCarthy and Rep. Jim Bridenstine.

My panel was led by Kellyanne Conway of The Polling Company, who released new data showing that national security and Islamic extremism are seen as the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East and home in the United States. (See the entire list.)

This poll was especially gratifying because Conway’s findings validate what my co-authors, Dr. Gina Loudon and Morgan Brittany, and I have been saying for years, and it’s also what we wrote about in our book “What Women (Really) Want.” Out of the tens of thousands of women (and men) we’ve talked to across the U.S., we have never been told – by anyone – that their greatest concern for America is that they can’t afford $15 per month for birth control.


Instead, what we are consistently told is what Conway’s poll proves: SECURITY is the No. 1 issue across the board with both men and women of all ages and political affiliations. Americans want their homes and families protected, period. And frankly, they are angry that along with all of their already burdensome familial responsibilities, they now have to worry that our leaders in Washington aren’t doing their job to protect us from foreign invasion – not only outside our borders, but also within.

Unfortunately, if you watch television or listen to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (something I highly recommend you try to avoid at all costs), you would never know that women were interested in anything other than the cost of sex products or trying to earn dollar for dollar what men make in the workforce. As Dr. Gina often says, “Women shouldn’t allow themselves to be sold that cheap for their vote.”

And with the uprising of the Islamic State, even non-political types are starting to take notice.

Colorado Hispanic Republican leader Pauline Olvera said some of her non-political friends and family members are, for the first time, talking about being afraid of ISIS. “National security just isn’t something they normally talk about,” Pauline says. “But the recent beheadings are finally hitting home, and the Hispanic community realizes it’s not something that only happens ‘over there’ anymore.”

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So why is this happening to America? Why is it that, according to this new data, the majority of Americans are concerned for the safety and security of our nation?

Dinesh D’Souza, who spoke after a screening of his movie “America,” explained his theory:

“When Obama ousted Mubarak [in Egypt], did you get feeling he was shocked that Muslim Brotherhood took over? No, and in fact he seemed delighted. The only time he was agitated was when the Egyptian military tried to take out the Muslim Brotherhood, and then Obama threatened to cut off their resources. Israel is besieged, and meanwhile our enemies are not only comfy but we seem to have augmented their power.

“So is this a matter of Obama getting it wrong? I suggest much deeper. Our economic power and influence in the world are related. We’re a world power because of economic power, but Obama wants us to be more like Canada. Canada is an ordinary country much different from the role America has had for 50 years. Nothing could happen in the Middle East without America, but Obama wants to end that, wants to end the American era and make her just a regular country at the world’s dining table. He thinks, ‘What gives us the right to call the shots?’”

Allen West questioned some of the decisions taking place in the last six years, including the release of the five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay: “You don’t repatriate the enemy while you’re fighting your enemy.” He also says there’s a problem with understanding and identifying the “modern-day battlefield” and that we’re currently fighting our enemy with a “plastic fork”:

“When the president says ISIS is not Islamic, does he mean they’re Baptists, Methodists? What are they? We need to be able to identify our enemy, and if we don’t cut off their funding we’ll never get ahead.”

Regarding giving $500 million to Syria, former House Intelligence Chairman Pete Hoekstra said, “Syria is Libya all over again. They are being defined as ‘moderate jihadists,’ but in the end they will turn their training and equipment against us. They did it in Libya, and they’ll do it again.”

Adm. “Ace” Lyons of the U.S. Navy discussed the gutting of our military and the impact it is having on national security:

“With restrictive rules of engagement, it has impacted the will to win. You just can’t go out and restrict and sacrifice in the failed hope of winning the hearts and minds of a tribal society. It doesn’t work. What they do understand is military strength. … The Muslim Brotherhood has now been institutionalized in basically all our national security agencies. They’ve had an impact on our rules of engagement. Their creed is to destroy us from within. Every Muslim Brotherhood front organization is out to take us down and substitute our Constitution with Shariah law. You cannot let this happen.”

Dr. Ben Carson suggests we will never save our country unless we start with education:

“The AP course in American History in high schools only has two paragraphs about George Washington and very little about Martin Luther King. But there’s lots about the evils of slavery, how evil we were to Japan, and how we wiped out the American Indians with no mercy. It seems when they finish that course they’ll want to sign up for ISIS!”

Dr. Carson concluded by saying, “The president says we’re not a Judeo-Christian nation, but he doesn’t get to decide that; we decide that. We don’t have to yield to those who say we need to put aside our beliefs to accommodate others – we actually need to put others aside so they can accommodate ours.”

So while the left and feminists are screeching about First World concerns, it’s comforting to know that the majority of citizens are awake and aware of everything from the threat of Islam to our government not protecting us from EMP strikes. What do we do about this? The November elections are a good place to start.

Media wishing to interview Ann-Marie Murrell, please contact media@wnd.com.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/what-women-want-national-security/#8Fuv3kLHz5lSGfqE.99



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