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The Vacuum, or, Calling the Cops on the Cops

It’s been a little over a month since the showdown at the Bundy Ranch. The many details of this event have been thoroughly discussed and analyzed throughout the patriot/Liberty community. To say that the Bundy Ranch Incident (sounds like a prog-rock band name, doesn’t it?) represents a paradigm shift in the relationship between American citizens and the federal government is an understatement. A lot of commentators in the patriot/Liberty community have looked at it from the perspective of resistance to a tyrannical government. I’ve recently begun looking at it from another angle.

Cliven Bundy asked for help from the patriot/Liberty community once it became clear that the Bureau of Land Management was coming to steal his cattle. The BLM showed up with 200 agents, armed to the teeth and jonesing for a Waco re-enactment. The Clark County…

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