The Satanic Case for Catholicism

So Logical its beautiful!

Unapologetically Catholic

The Satanic Case for Catholicism
Philipp Schumacher, Elevation of the Host (1920),
from a Catholic children’s book.

By now, you’ve might have heard all about this. As I write this,* the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club is hosting a Black Mass (a Satanic mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) performed by the Satanic Temple. They announced that they would be desecrating a consecrated Host during this “service.”

Now the group responsible for the Black Mass, the Satanic Temple, is claiming that they don’t have a Host, because “we respect all religions and don’t want anyone to feel offended. We understand the powerful role that the Eucharist plays in the Christian religion and in no way want to appear as though we don’t respect your traditions.

My first reaction was that this was a perfect image of 21st century academia: they want to perform a Satanic…

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